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Leveraging decades of parking experience, SP+ has recently launched a new mountain services group that focuses on the specific needs of our partners in remote markets.

Our SP+ Mountain Team focuses exclusively on implementing a solutions-based parking and technology package for ski resorts.

We offer a wide variety of technology and services that specifically cater to each ski resort's operational needs. From a full suite of parking technology to transportation and logistics, the Mountain Team offers flexible solutions surrounding the seasonality of resort operations.

Ski Resort shuttle
National Ski Areas

We also understand the need for environmentally sustainable parking solutions that revolve around the guest experience. Our extensive knowledge of what makes a resort special begins and ends with the delivery of a seamless guest experience.

Imagine a streamlined approach to parking that is easily accessed by each guest, but can also help alleviate traffic congestion while bringing real-time analytics to the operators on a daily basis.

The possibilities are endless and we invite you to explore some of our solutions below.

National Value Ads for Ski Resorts

>> Transportation and Logistics - Including procurement of shuttles, employee housing options, training, and deployment for peak season.

>> Peak Season Operational Support - To support resorts during peak weekends and holidays. This includes mobilization of transportation, flaggers or parking lot attendants, paid parking overflow, technology integrations, traffic consulting, and logistics.

By leveraging our national work force, SP+ offers many programs that truly revolve around the busiest times for the ski resort industry.

Ski resort

>> Capital Investment - SP+ to invest in long term partnerships. This includes providing parking technology and signage at no cost to the client. This investment would be at the cost of SP+.

>> Consulting - We also offer consulting surrounding traffic patterns, environmental studies surrounding parking and vehicle occupancy, annual county reviews, and event logistics. Depending on the scope of services, SP+ can offer this at no cost to the client. 

Sphere Gateless

Sphere Commerce On-Demand for gateless facilities is an on-the-go capability that offers consumers the option to skip the pay station and pay quickly and securely through their smartphone.

On-demand payments are easily made with multiple payment options. Consumers can pay by mobile with the Parking.com App, as well as "Text to Pay" and "Scan to Pay" via the Parking.com responsive web, creating a streamlined and touchless user experience.

parking sign

Client Benefit


In addition to increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business through an enhanced touchless solution, there are numerous client benefits.

For starters there is no client cost to enable on demand payments at gateless locations. Through the reduction or elimination of pay stations, warranty and maintenance costs can be reduced. Cash and coin costs can also be reduced or eliminated through reductions in cash collection and accounting.

Once a user establishes an account, repeat purchases are made at the touch of a button increasing revenue. When needed, integration with our enforcement system addresses compliance and citations for offenders.

Sphere Commerce On Demand Gateless Video

Sphere Gated

Sphere Commerce On-Demand for gated facilities is an open, agile, and interoperable technology that enables SP+ to control any parking infrastructure via a cloud-based solution.

With Sphere Commerce On-Demand, no reservation is required. Just access Parking.com for a touchless experience, utilizing Bluetooth, QR Code, NFC Tag or LPR, as well as Text and Phone for guest checkout.

Client Benefit


Sphere On-Demand provides numerous benefits across operations, expenses, and performance.

Operational improvements include migration off of a paper-based system, elimination of 3rd party service support and simplified installation. Cost savings are realized in equipment operations and maintenance, software upgrades and system overhauls, third-party fees and reduced labor.

Improved system controls, backup and recovery, and faster entry and exit contributes to improved overall performance.

Sphere Commerce On Demand Gated Video

Sphere EV Charging

SP+ helps its clients, including airports, event venues, offices and multifamily communities, facilitate “the efficient movement of people, vehicles and personal belongings.”

The company provides technology-driven mobility solutions for ground transport, event logistics, parking management and more for its business and government clients across North America.

Client Benefit


ChargePoint Level 2 EV
charger at commercial building

ChargePoint is the market leader in EV charging, operating the largest and most open network in the world with best-in-class hardware and advanced cloud-based services.

Together, we are focused on helping you improve your efficiency and profitability in addressing the rapidly growing demand for EV charging.


Sphere Commerce On-Demand for gated facilities is an open, agile, and interoperable technology that enables SP+ to control any parking infrastructure via a cloud-based solution.

With Sphere Commerce On-Demand, no reservation is required. Just access Parking.com for a touchless experience, utilizing Bluetooth, QR Code, NFC Tag or LPR, as well as Text and Phone for guest checkout.

Football Stadium

Transportation and Logistics Master Planning

Gameday Daytona

Success begins with a smooth transportation flow. After examining an event or venue and the transportation systems already in place, we create a master plan to seamlessly move all constituencies to their proper places.

>> Transit and roadway usage

>> Traffic management plans

>> Pedestrian, wayfinding and access control analysis

>> Parking analysis

>> Transportation forecasts

Travel Demand Management

We assess the capacity and anticipated traffic volume of the road, train and bus systems that bring people to an event or venue. We then plan for the most efficient uses of both public and private transportation options.

>> Infrastructure usage optimization

>> Transportation operating plans

>> Logistical and communications plans

>> Operational models and simulations

Traffic and Parking Operations

Event Parking

We create various models depicting how people might arrive and enter an event or venue, taking into account all modes of transportation and anticipated audiences.

>> Traffic management

>> Pedestrian flow management

>> Revenue control systems

>> Parking operations

>> Road closure and parking restriction plans

>> Traffic and access control

>> Signage plans and installation

Event Transportation Management

Plans are only as good as their execution. We’re laser focused on the effective implementation of all elements of our transportation master plan.

>> Procurement management

>> Fleet management Routing and dispatch operations

>> Stakeholder and public transport integration

>> Staff and driver requirements, training and management

Olympic Gameday

Mobile POS

Making Mobile Payments Secure, Fast and Simple

Sphere Commerce™ Mobile POS delivers one of the most advanced mobile point of sale processing solutions in the parking and transportation industry. Using an android based application, Mobile POS processes payments in less than 2 seconds and is capable of handling high volume and high revenue operations.

MPOS Secure




MPOS Simple


Secure and Cost-Effective Mobile Point of Sale

MPOS Secure

Mobile POS provides enhanced operations by ensuring transactions are secure, fast and simple. The platform is fully PCI compliant and encrypted end-to-end.

To keep customer information safe, Mobile POS handhelds never capture customer or credit card information. In addition, clients can be confident that costs are controlled with no nonsense, all-inclusive pricing.

Flexible Infrastructure That is Easy to Implement

Mobile POS provides a flexible mobile point-of-sale system that currently supports parking purchasing for events or remote check-in at airports and cruise ports.

With its flexible infrastructure Mobile POS can easily be expanded to address additional payment needs. It keeps the line moving by validating pre-paid parking customers or day of purchases via credit or cash payments.

Mobile POS allows customers to pay the way they want with swipe or chip credit cards, NFC Cards or Apple, Samsung and Google Pay. All with no additional configuration required.

Google Pay
Samsung Pay
Apple Pay

Accurate Revenue Tracking and Reporting

MPOS tracks inventory

Using an Android-based application, Mobile POS processes payments in less than two seconds and is capable of handling high volume and high revenue operations.

It tracks revenue in real time and allows clients to access the data via Sphere’s proprietary dashboards for greater visibility.

The end result is improved inventory management, more secure transactions and cash handling which delivers increased revenue for the client.

SP+ Sphere IQ Video

Esg At SP+

SP+ is committed to creating a more sustainable future by driving positive change that benefits our people, our industry, our communities, and our planet.

ESG Guiding Principles:

>> Incorporating clean, efficient and innovative technologies and methods into our mobility operations to mitigate our Environmental impact.

>> Cultivating a safe, engaging and inclusive Social environment to enrich the lives of our employees and the people in the communities we serve.

>> Ensuring responsible corporate Governance practices to build and maintain trust with our stakeholders.

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